Don Emilio Morita Pepper Salsa Macha – HOT

This product is the Authentic Salsa Macha, which uses morita pepper, slowly dehydrated with a secret mixture of woods to give it that characteristic smoky touch and we grind it manually to mix it with our select spices and seasonings, cooking them slowly to achieve that crunchy texture just like our ancestors did.

Ingredients: Soy oil, canola oil, morita peppers, garlic, sea salt, sesame seeds and yeast extract.

Only for a limited timeWe support Restaurants for a faster recovery with a 2x1 in our Restaurant Size.  Also we offer 10% off the original price for the the 3 Pack 9oz. and the Mix 4 Pack 9oz and 20% off the original price for the 12 unit case of 9oz. 

NOTE: Canadian Customers will pay customs clearance tax in Canada before receiving their order. 

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