Salsa Macha

Don Emilio Salsa Macha


Don Emilio is a high quality Mexican sauces brand that was created as homage to the country’s rich culture and cuisine. We specialize in Salsa Macha, a bold and versatile type of salsa that originated more than 6,000 years ago in the southern Mexican regions. Renowned for its signature crunchy texture and smokiness, our salsas enrich any meal by adding an unmatched spice and flavor.

Our award-winning recipes start with sourcing the finest natural ingredients and mastering a thousands-years old craft. We begin by selecting a special blend of wood to smoke and slowly dehydrate the chilis, which releases deep flavors and aromas. Once dried, the chilis are combined with roasted seeds and vegetable oils, resulting in our top-quality products.

Quesadilla Don Emilio

Salsas Don Emilio are a household brand in Mexico with a strong presence in all 32 states. However, its unique spice and global taste became so popular that it unleashed a demand beyond its Hispanic roots. Today, we have successfully entered the North American, European and Asian markets as the exclusive brand of Salsa Macha.

Our salsas can be used as an ingredient for exquisite dishes or as a stand-alone sauce for a wide variety of foods including steak, seafood, stews, pizzas, burgers, sushi, Mexican bites and more. With the right touch of spice, Salsas Don Emilio can transform any basic dish and make it extraordinary.



Delivering products at the highest standards starts with these three essential elements: a deep respect for ingredients, a trust in the several thousand-years old techniques of our craftsmen, and a core belief in developing natural products that steer away from using preservatives or additives.

Don Emilio is a brand that values family and tradition. We take great care of the entire chain that is involved in our product. From the farmers who grow our chilis, the workers who smoke them in our special blend of wood, our grinding experts that ensure quality consistency, and our artisans who craft our end-products, to the supermarket chains that distribute them, the restaurants that use them to enhance their meals, and especially our clients who enjoy our products from all around the world. We are centered in producing unmatched quality and flavors.