Don Emilio takes you further

A spice to elevate your dishes

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Salsas Don Emilio is the secret ingredient that chefs use to push creative boundaries and deliver culinary masterpieces. Our sauces add the extra kick and crunch that captivate the most demanding palates, delivering dishes that stand out from your competitors. We pride ourselves in manufacturing widely versatile products that complement any cuisine. Discover how adding a flourish to a ready-to-use sauce CREATES your own signature sauce. Just add your “SECRET INGREDIENT” then prepare to take some bows.

Our supreme quality and unrivaled flavors make us the ideal partners for your restaurants, catering business, cafeterias and other food service outlets. We are committed to providing convenience and satisfaction through our standardized products, competitive pricing and product durability.

Let us tell you how, with Don Emilio, your restaurant can increase your consumer tickets and improve your revenues!

Salsa Macha