What’s in Salsa Macha? 7 Essential Ingredients

What’s in Salsa Macha? 7 Essential Ingredients

Salsa macha made a name for itself by being named Most Valuable Condiment by The New York Times Magazine in 2020. This hot, spicy concoction delivers a crunchy bite to any meal. So what’s the secret to the sauce? Here, we discuss seven essential ingredients in salsa macha and how they make this sauce pack a punch!

Chili Pepper

You can’t achieve the heat you desire without chili peppers. One of the core ingredients in Don Emilio’s spicy garlic salsa macha is red pepper. We finely chop the peppers for a quality texture in every bite. What’s important to note is that the pepper you use will set the tone for the heat level.


Onion brings an additional element of caramelization when prepared correctly. The juice brings an aromatic sensation to the overall flavor of the salsa macha, creating a do-anything use for the sauce.


Chopping the peanuts for salsa macha is a job for perfectionists. How well one prepares the peanuts determines the amounts of crunch and texture in each bite. The peanuts are where the flavor rests, bringing that irresistible bite to the sauce. They’re some of the most essential ingredients in salsa macha due to their fatty components storing the best flavor properties.


Allspice is an excellent back note spice. Its core notes and aromas pull the entire macha together.

Dehydrated Garlic

In turn, dehydrated garlic pulls the onion and allspice together and brings all the key ingredients into one cohesive flavor. It’s something you can always add more of, so starting small and growing from there will ensure that the correct back notes come into play through each bite. Garlic also brings additional health benefits to the already metabolism-friendly boost in capsaicin.


An oil such as canola or vegetable is essential in the overall preparation process. Heating it to the correct temperature helps the peanuts, onions, and spices cook together to create intense emulsification of flavors. Once you add the chili peppers, the heat of the oil will draw out the heat of the peppers.

Yeast Extract

Yeast extract can decrease the overall sodium components in the dehydrated garlic and allspice. It has strong notes of umami, and it intensifies the smoky flavors without compromising any natural flavors.

Don Emilio uses all-natural ingredients to bring the best salsa macha to the market. Don’t tear up your kitchen trying to perfect this sauce—give one of ours a try.