Winter Meals That Could Use a Little Kick

Winter Meals That Could Use a Little Kick

The cold months bring some of the warmest, coziest dishes to the table. Many families have their go-to Crockpot meals, oven-baked recipes, and, of course, holiday sweets. Sometimes taking your favorites for a spin is just what your family needs. Let’s look at some classic winter meals that could use a little kick!

Huevos Rancheros

Huevos rancheros is a hearty brunch option—or if you’re into breakfast for dinner, that works, too. It’s essential to have the basics, including seasoned beans, fried eggs, avocado, and warm corn tortillas. But don’t skimp on the heat. Don Emilio’s morita pepper salsa macha is a must-have for brunch, especially huevos rancheros. Our morita pepper salsa macha delivers an amazing unique smokey spicy flavor (medium heat with slow-cooked onions and garlic and a savory spice blend to bring it all together).

Slow Cooker White Chicken Chili

A twist on the regular pot of chili we know and love is white chicken chili. Using a slow cooker to let the chicken cook into the flavors and juices will fill your home with notes of warm chicken and spices—and hungry bellies.

This is an easy meal to put together and then let time do the rest of the work. After allowing things to stew for several hours, top with the morita pepper salsa macha.

Stuffed Peppers

A colorful, health-conscious classic such as stuffed peppers is a simple meal your family won’t forget. You can switch up this dish in many different ways, from using different-colored peppers, going with or without rice, add morita pepper salsa macha to the meat mixture before baking it. You’re free to tailor the combinations to your family’s desires.

The next time you’re brainstorming a warm dish, think about these timeless winter meals that could use a little kick. Don Emilio Morita Pepper salsa macha will compliment all your favorite dishes and provide bonus layers of comfort and warmth.