Why Salsa Macha Is Called the “Most Valuable Condiment”

Why Salsa Macha Is Called the “Most Valuable Condiment”

After growing in demand and popularity, salsa macha finally received its highest honor in 2020 as the “most valuable condiment.” Those who have yet to try it may be wondering why that is and what makes it so special. But those who have this in their kitchens know that salsa macha is a must-have item.

Here, we elaborate on why salsa macha is the most valuable condiment and what you can do with it!

The Versatility of Salsa Macha

Because of the all-natural ingredients and vibrant flavors, salsa macha is incredibly versatile. You can cook with it as an oil base, marinate meats before they hit the grill, or top your favorite dish for an extra kick. There are no rules, and that’s something we love about it.

There are many bottles of hot sauce on the market and various ways to enjoy salsa. Most gravitate toward the traditional red tomato salsa for chip dipping. But salsa macha is unique because it leaves out the tomatoes and focuses on texture and earthy heat instead. One bite of this versatile offering, and you’ll skip the bottles of hot sauce and tomato-based salsas.

The Importance of Nuts

Okay, let’s talk about the nuts and why they’re essential here. We mentioned that tomatoes are not in this condiment—it’s for good reason because nuts are the showstopper! The addition of peanuts pulls out the necessary fats and oils in the herbs and spices and gives salsa macha its unique crunch.

Every bite you take will provide a powerful punch. Additionally, the peanuts will absorb much of the capsaicin and natural flavoring, so they will be just soft enough to enjoy. To achieve the perfect peanut texture, crush them before adding them to your hot oil. Then, allow them to cook in the oil and spices until they are the perfect golden-brown color. You may pull a small bite off the pan to test for desired consistency.

Don Emilio Favorites

Here at Don Emilio, we offer four custom variations of salsa macha to allow you to enjoy all that the condiment has to offer. The traditional peanut and select seeds salsa macha pairs well as an everyday meal pick. But the spicy garlic salsa macha is a unique and distinctive variation that we love for things like avocado toast, huevos rancheros, or a chorizo dish.

The garlic salsa macha features an onion and chili pepper crunch, with tiny bits of onion and garlic for a crispy bite. It is unlike any other salsa macha because of the texture components. If you need a milder condiment but want the experience of depth and natural spice, this is the perfect salsa macha for you.

Final Thoughts

Salsa macha is the most valuable condiment because it brings natural flavor, mouthwatering crunch, and depth to various dishes. It outshines typical hot sauce because of its one-of-a-kind flavor. Connect with us at Don Emilio to get yours today!