What To Serve With Salsa Macha: 4 Delicious Ideas

What To Serve With Salsa Macha: 4 Delicious Ideas

One of the unique features of salsa macha is how versatile it is. There are no boundaries on what it pairs with, and above all, you can highlight, accent, or boost an everyday meal with a spoonful of this unique condiment. So, what exactly can you do with it? We found four delicious things to serve with salsa macha to help you begin elevating your meals at any time of day. Let’s look!

Eggcellent Breakfast

It’s essential to remember when you buy salsa macha, you are paying for an experience. Each bite has a unique texture and depth, so when you serve it with a traditional breakfast like eggs, toast, and bacon, you turn your meal up a few notches.

Scrambled eggs are pillowy soft but usually lacking in flavor. By adding salsa macha, you give your eggs a roasted, savory crunch that you won’t believe you ever lived without.

Avocado Toast at Brunch

You took the time to lightly toast your favorite bread and spread a perfectly ripe avocado on top. But skip the salt and pepper and opt for a garlic and onion salsa macha instead. The notes of onion mixed with the soft crunch pair flawlessly with the pureed texture of the avocado. With the earthly flavor in the avocado, the spicy garlic and onion salsa macha elevate the toast in a savory way.

Street Tacos at Lunch

Don’t have street tacos for lunch and just use a plain bottle of hot sauce. Traditionally, a street taco will only contain a choice of meat, some onion, and a little cilantro. Adding texture and heat is the best way to bring it all together. Morita pepper sauce partners with the taco meat to carry a special woodsy fire to every bite. Without altering the composition of the taco, you can take it to the next level with a spoonful of macha.

White Chicken Chili for Dinner

One of the most delicious things to serve with salsa macha is white chicken chili for dinner. When we mentioned the versatility and experience, this is what we meant. On a piece of toast or street taco, you use salsa macha as a topping, but it serves as a powerhouse ingredient in a dish such as chili.

Once the oil blends into the chili’s broth, the ingredients begin to absorb the intense flavors. All the textures of salsa macha become a staple fixing to the chili and set it apart from the rest. Perhaps, a chili cookoff trophy is in store with this unique addition.

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