¡Viva la Comida!: Traditional Mexican Dishes To Try

¡Viva la Comida!: Traditional Mexican Dishes To Try

The rich flavors, high quality, and large range of foods available in Mexico are evidence of the country's international renown. There is little doubt that the millions of tourists who come to the country each year leave with a nice memory of the country's cuisine. We are all familiar with some of the most well-known Mexican foods, such as enchiladas, tacos, fajitas, and burritos. We’ve added salsas like Don Emilio’s to our lineup of condiments. But the range of dishes available to consume in Mexico, on the other hand, is far greater. Keep reading to find more traditional Mexican dishes to try.


Pozole is best described as a stew and soup hybrid. The Aztecs are credited with inventing this meal. Hominy (hulled corn kernels also known as maize) is one of the main ingredients in pozole. Pork, tomatoes, red chilies, and other spices are among several ingredients in the recipe. It's usually served at huge family gatherings or major events.

Tacos al Pastor

Tacos are about as authentically Mexican as a dish can be. Tacos al Pastor, on the other hand, have a larger worldwide following than many people know. They appear to be conventional tacos for the most part, but there is one catch. Pork that has been placed on a long spit is stuffed into these corn tortillas. In fact, it's very similar to shawarma in many aspects. This is because Tacos al Pastor were brought to Mexico by Lebanese and Syrian immigrants in the 1920s and 1930s. Onions, cilantro, and pineapple are traditionally served alongside the meat. Some newer versions may include a slathering of morita sauce on top.


If you're craving something sweet, try concha, Mexico's sweet bread. It's simply sweet bread with a crusty, shell-shaped cookie on top. Conchas come in a variety of flavors, with vanilla and chocolate being the most popular choices. Traditionally, these are eaten by dipping them into hot chocolate. For those with a penchant for dessert, this is the traditional Mexican dish to try.


Tamales seem to be the solution to environmentally friendly packaging. In this dish, corn dough is stuffed with either sweet or savory contents. This bundle is then cooked while wrapped in corn husks or banana leaves. Because it comes with its own plate, it is the ideal street food. The fact that tamales have been consumed for almost 9,000 years is quite remarkable.

If you can’t make it to Mexico to try these incredible cuisines, you can always turn to us here at Don Emilio to get authentic Mexican flavors like morita pepper salsa macha. Whether you want to make your own homemade pozole, tacos al pastor, or tamales, we’ve got what you need to create these wonderful dishes in your own kitchen.