Unusual Food Combinations To Try with Your Salsa

Unusual Food Combinations To Try with Your Salsa

Limiting yourself to chips and salsa isn’t much fun. The next time you buy yourself a jar of salsa, consider the possibilities and get creative with it. You probably already prepare things for your family that you can now incorporate salsa into, so we’ve taken the time to explore them here for you.

Salsa Meatloaf

Meatloaf: an old-time family classic, but now with a twist. Everyone knows that the typical meatloaf recipe calls for ketchup. Take your rainy-day comfort food to the next level and add salsa to the recipe instead. The flavor of the salsa will give your meatloaf texture, moisture, and spice.

Compound Salsa Butter

Compound salsa butter is less complicated than it sounds, but it’s easily one of the most unusual ways to eat salsa. It’s a simple recipe of melted butter and your favorite salsa mixed together and then stowed in the refrigerator to set. Once the butter is hard, you can use it in other recipes to liven them up.

Salsa Mac ’n’ Cheese

Grab a few jars of our Salsa Macha for sale and try a salsa mac ’n’ cheese dish. Just be sure your kids will enjoy something on the spicier side before preparing it. Simply add the salsa to a cooked pan of mac ’n’ cheese before baking.

Bloody Marys with a Kick

Sunday brunch just got a little more exciting. Take your usual Bloody Mary recipe and add your preferred salsa. Continue to dress your drink as you typically would with bacon, cheese, celery, and seasonings. The salsa provides another layer of depth.

When you’re thinking about some of the most unusual ways to eat salsa, you probably wouldn’t think of meatloaf or mac ’n’ cheese at first. But that’s why we’re here. Look through some of our Don Emilio salsas and pick one for your next kitchen experiment.