Tips for Making Authentic Mexican Food at Home

Tips for Making Authentic Mexican Food at Home

An aspect of Mexican culture that has become famous across the globe is its food. Not only is it rich in flavor and fierce with spices, but it’s also an important way for Mexican states to form their own identities and share them with the other states during holidays and fiestas. It’s highly rewarding to take common Mexican recipes and experiment with them to make something unique, so here are some tips for making authentic Mexican food at home that you can call your own.

Leveraging Sauces

Sauces are an integral part of Mexican cuisine. Whether that be salsa for chips or moles used in stewed dishes, your dish should, to an extent, revolve around whatever sauce you choose to include in your recipe. The fact that sauces are so important makes it easy to obtain a variety of them to try out and experiment with as you please—find what you enjoy most. You’ll find salsa macha for sale throughout Mexico and the southern United States, and for a good reason. The sauce, which features a smokey taste and a crunchy texture, is incredibly satisfying.

Ration Your Condiments

In the United States, a common mistake concerning Mexican food is burying it under melted cheese or sour cream. A modest amount of either of these ingredients can help to improve the flavor of a dish, but too much, and you’re simply robbing yourself of the best flavors the dish has to offer. To avoid muting the flavor of your food, use these garnishes sparingly—especially cumin. Cumin is a common garnish found in Mexico, but it is very powerful and can easily take over your dish.

Lime Juice

Here is, perhaps, an unexpected tip for making authentic Mexican food at home: add lime juice. In Mexico, using lime juice is quite common. People squeeze limes over grilled meats, fruits, vegetables, salads, soups, drinks, and even chips. The lime juice brings out the flavors in food in a way best described as “bright.” It’s tangy, refreshing, and brings out the best flavors in the food it’s on. Just be sure to have freshly squeezed lime juice rather than anything bottled.