Quick and Easy Meals To Make With a Jar of Salsa Macha

Quick and Easy Meals To Make With a Jar of Salsa Macha

If you ever get the chance to visit and explore Mexico, you’ll find street markets full of delicious foods. Every variety offers local representations of authentic recipes with the best ingredients, from chocolate and maiz to guajolote and chiles. Bring some of these popular Mexican dishes to your kitchen and give them your own flair.

Here are some quick and easy meals to make with a jar of salsa macha that follow authenticity and tradition.


Chilaquiles is one of the most popular breakfast dishes in Mexico. It is served with pieces of toasted or fried corn tortillas, known as totopos, that are soaked in green or red hot sauce. To kick it up, use extra hot salsa macha. Top your totopos with shredded chicken, shredded beef, chorizo, and eggs cooked your way. Garnish with fresh cheeses and sliced onion. An excellent pairing for chilaquiles is fried beans.


Tacos are recognized as Mexico’s most popular dish worldwide. It’s also a quick and easy meal to make with a jar of salsa macha, as you can cook your meat in a crockpot and add your salsamacha. If you like shredded chicken tacos, cook the meat with the salsa macha for about four hours, then shred the chicken when it’s ready. Top your taco with a dollop of peanut salsa macha for an added crunch, and to deliver an earthy note for beef taco lovers.


If we look through history, Menudo came from Spain before the conquest. Spanish chefs used pieces of tripe, which is a cow’s stomach. But nowadays, Menudo is a warm soup served with beef tripe, grains, and corn kernels. It is commonly known as pancita. It is both delicious and aromatic, and it is said to cure a hangover due to its high vitamin B content and rich flavors.


Another one of Mexico’s most representative specialties is a mole. There are several variations, but the most consistent is a mixture of spices, seeds, chocolate, tomatoes, and dried chiles.

There are about seven different styles of a mole in Mexico, and you should consider trying each one, especially if you love flavor and depth in each bite you take. The mole is one of the most awarded dishes worldwide. It complements many other meals and entrees and pairs well with a kick of peanut salsa macha.

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