Not Just Meals: Unique Ways To Use Up a Jar of Salsa

Not Just Meals: Unique Ways To Use Up a Jar of Salsa

When it comes to fridge cleanup, we tend to have a host of jars that need tossing. But what if there was a different, more delightful solution? Let’s look at some of the unique ways to use up a jar of salsa before you consider tossing the leftovers.

Breakfast Takes

Breakfast is good at just about any time of the day. And when you’re looking for a new way to enjoy your standby of eggs, bacon, and toast, try adding salsa. Layer the salsa on top of scrambled eggs or an omelet, or have some fun during meal prep and roll eggs and salsa into a tortilla for a breakfast burrito.

Quick Eats

The most obvious snack is chips and salsa, but let’s think outside the jar here. For a spin on some other classic snack ideas, salsa brings texture, spice, and depth. Some updated snacking ideas include:

  • Salsa and cheese–stuffed jalapenos
  • Salsa and goat cheese cracker dip
  • Salsa shrimp cocktail

An Ingredient

Stretching beyond a dip or topping, salsa as an ingredient adds a great deal of variation, texture, and depth to a dish to deliver a little punch in every bite. A Don Emilio favorite to try is mixing salsa with lime or lemon juice to create a ceviche marinade. And for a Mexican twist on meatloaf, use salsa in place of the ketchup.

Add Some Flavor

If you’re looking to add variety to your recipes, think about a bit of peanut hot sauce. With notes of pumpkin, sunflower, and sesame, this Don Emilio salsa macha packs a punch. There are many unique ways to use up a jar of salsa, but adding flavor to your dish or recipe is one of the best.

Savoring the last bit of salsa in the jar before deciding to toss it out is worth a shot—nobody likes wasting food. Using salsa as anything from a breakfast addition to a recipe-enhancer can liven up a meal and add more depth to your palate. What will you try the next time you have extra salsa to use?