How Nuts Can Take Your Salsa to Another Level

How Nuts Can Take Your Salsa to Another Level

One of the most intriguing ways to enjoy salsa is by using nuts. Eliminating the traditional pureed tomatoes or tomatillos and using a more protein-rich base instead creates an elevated experience when you’re enjoying this tasty treat. Here are a few ways that nuts can take your salsa to another level.

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Adds Smoothness

You need only your choice of nut and an excellent blender for a creamier, smokier salsa. A strong blender can completely emulsify a fatty nut into the tomatoes and chilis. Canned chipotles combined with smoked cashews is one example of a rich, smooth salsa base to try. The smoothness of the salsa will vary depending on how well you choose to blend the nuts.

Adds a Nutty Flavor

One experimental way that nuts can take your salsa to another level is with oil and blue cheese crumbles. The oil combined with the fatty contents of the nuts creates a smooth but nutty and roasty combination. This probably wouldn’t suit a chip-and-dip moment, but it’s a creative, delicious way to spice up avocado toast, pretzel bites, or bruschetta. This is also the perfect addition to a slice of grilled summer meat.

Adds Crunch

A crunchy salsa is less complex than it sounds and yet more potent than a supermarket jar of salsa. Salsa macha is an oil-based blend that resembles a chunky chili oil. Heat your choice of neutral oil in a stovetop pan and combine garlic, chopped almonds or hazelnuts, and chipotles. Heat the nuts until they soften, and then mash them down. Finish your mixture with a splash of white vinegar to pull the flavors through.

Salsa de Nuez

A traditional Mexican variation is salsa de nuez, which is a walnut salsa. As with our popular peanut salsa macha, you’ll combine walnuts or pecans, garlic, onion, and chilis with an oil and heat the combination. Once you reach the desired consistency in the blender, you can serve with fish, crackers, or steamed vegetables.