Garlic’s Top Benefits Beyond Just Taste

Garlic’s Top Benefits Beyond Just Taste

One of the most popular culinary ingredients in the world is garlic, and it’s not hard to see why. Garlic has a unique, instantly identifiable taste that can go with a wide variety of dishes ranging from meat to vegetables and everything in between. But even if we don’t take taste into account, garlic has a lot to offer. For years, studies have shown that a healthy intake of garlic offers many other positives. Keep reading for some of garlic’s top benefits beyond just taste.

Immune Support

Garlic supplements have been shown to improve immune system performance. One study discovered that people who took daily garlic supplements had 63% fewer colds than those who did not. The duration of symptoms in those who did catch colds was also significantly decreased if they took the supplements; in the placebo group, the duration of symptoms was reduced by 70%, going from 5 days to just 36 hours. Another investigation indicated that garlic extract lowered the number of days one had to endure a cold or the flu by 61 percent.

Heart Health

Cardiovascular diseases are the world’s most fatal illnesses. Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is a major contributor to the development of many illnesses. Experiments have shown that supplements containing garlic are a reliable means of decreasing blood pressure in patients suffering from high blood pressure. In one trial, aged garlic extract was just as effective as the medication Atenolol at decreasing blood pressure in a 24-week period. Because of the severity of heart disease throughout the world, that makes this one of garlic’s top benefits beyond just taste.

Bone Density

Garlic can have a significant effect on bone density, raising estrogen levels in women, according to some studies. It can be especially helpful for women going through menopause. Garlic may lower your chances of osteoporosis as well as osteoarthritis if you include it in your daily diet. It’s also important to consume a variety of healthy foods to really affect your bone density, including dairy products, veggies, seafood, and nuts. Seasoning your fish and vegetables with garlic is simple, and it adds an extra punch to your meal.

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