Enchiladas: Why They’re the Favorite Dish of Mexico

Enchiladas: Why They’re the Favorite Dish of Mexico

Enchiladas are full of tradition and history paired with one-of-a-kind flavor and a relatively long history. Because of their popularity and uniqueness, you can find them on the menu in nearly every Mexican restaurant. One might think that the enchiladas’ well-loved nature contains something special, but the perfect blend of meat, cheese, and sauce is all it takes.

Let’s dive deeper into why enchiladas are the favorite dish of Mexico, how you can enjoy them today, and make good even better with Don Emilio!

Origin of the Enchilada

The story of enchiladas dates to Mayan days. The Mayans date back to 2600 B.C. from the Yucatan region and are one of the most well-known civilizations in Mesoamerica.

In the Mayan period, the staple crop was corn, which was considered a Hun Hunahpu for their culture, making corn tortillas a sacred food. Hun Hunahpu is the God of the evening who restores the skies and the stars in Mayan mythology. Originally, corn tortillas were known as tlaxcalli. When the Western Hemisphere arrived, tlaxcalli became the tortilla, thanks to the Spanish conquistadors.

The conquistadors participated in a feast and documented their offerings: enchiladas with the tortillas. These original enchiladas were tortillas dipped in chili sauce, but as man evolved, they became the enchiladas we know and love today.

Today’s Enchiladas

One of the best things about enchiladas is their versatility. The type of stuffing you give the tortillas comes down to preference. At Don Emilio, our favorite is any meat and cheese combination with our most loved Morita Pepper Salsa Macha.

Our salsas contain all-natural ingredients without preservatives and complement any Mexican dish with the perfect mix of texture and heat. The Morita Pepper Salsa Macha kicks, completing a chicken enchilada with absolute perfection.

Homemade Enchiladas

Enchiladas are fast, have incredible flavor, and are stress-free to make. Sound too good to be true? Today, you can make enchiladas at home in various ways. There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to the combinations you use, which is why enchiladas are the favorite dish of Mexico. They’re easy to make and combine culture, flavor, and creativity all in one wrapped tlaxcalli.

With the originals rolled and dipped in special sauce and served as street food, our modern twist of smothering them in cheese and Don Emilio Morita Pepper Salsa Macha and baking to perfection serves as an excellent upgrade.

Get in touch with Don Emilio today to learn more about our specialty salsas and favorite pairings!