A Spicy Trend: Introducing Handmade Salsa Macha

A Spicy Trend: Introducing Handmade Salsa Macha

Originating from the southern regions of Mexico, salsa macha is finally finding its way across nations. This spicy new trend is lighting up the taste buds of newcomers and veterans of Mexican cuisine alike. To shake up your palate and experience some of the highest quality sauces Mexico has to offer, allow us to give you a formal introduction to our exquisite salsa macha.

What Is Handmade Salsa Macha?

Salsa macha is known for its signature crunchy texture and rich smokey flavor that has been perfected over thousands of years. These salsas act as a perfect addition to any meal, enriching the taste and creating a unique flavor. To achieve the potency of salsa macha, chilis are smoked to dehydration, at which point they release their aromas and flavor. After being dried out, they are prepared in combination with roasted seeds and vegetable oils for that satisfying crunchy texture.

Ways To Use Handmade Salsa Macha

Despite (or perhaps because of) its bold flavors, salsa macha is a very versatile ingredient that you can add to a variety of meals. For example, salsa macha can be tossed with vegetables or used as a salad dressing to give your dishes a rich zest that makes each bite more satisfying than the last. Furthermore, it can be served alongside fish, steak, or even eggs for a hearty breakfast that will wake you right up. Of course, if you’re not one for cooking, there’s nothing wrong with simply dipping tortilla chips into handmade salsa macha.

Why Don Emilio?

Don Emilio has become a household name throughout all 32 states of Mexico. Stocked regularly on the shelves of grocery stores such as Walmart and coveted by restaurants, our salsa has been perfected to ensure you get the same great quality and taste every time. This consistency has earned us the trust of our customers, and we pride ourselves on our recipes—there is simply no better alternative when it comes to the quintessential salsa macha experience.

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