4 Reasons To Try a New Flavor of Nutty Salsa

4 Reasons To Try a New Flavor of Nutty Salsa

Sometimes people think nutty salsas find their way onto menus by accident. But don’t worry, they’re real and here to say. What if we told you nuts were a perfect match for salsa? You won’t forget your experience no matter how you enjoy it. And on top of it all, we offer some of the best nut salsa your money can buy.

Let’s explore four reasons to try a new flavor of nutty salsa and why you need it in your life!

It’s Smooth

If your salsa is not coming out with a smooth and creamy texture with a rich flavor, there is a reason for it: you’re probably not using nuts or a blender. It would be best to use a strong blender capable of breaking things down to ensure the various elements of an ingredient, like nuts, pull through and blend with the other components. The fat of nuts combined with chiles and tomatillos creates a cohesive and smooth nutty salsa.

But It’s Also Crunchy

Salsa Macha is a potent salsa with an oil base. Compared to a regular jar of sauce at the supermarket, it is chunkier in texture. Don Emilio’s peanut salsa macha is the perfect blend of smoothness and crunchiness. It’s a complex mix of pumpkin, sesame seeds, and sunflower seeds and brings depth to every bite.

Transform Ordinary Salsas

The difference between a nut salsa and ordinary salsa is its ability to capture the audience. When blended well, you can use nuts to take a bland salsa and turn it into an extraordinary salsa. When considering which nuts to use, the varieties are endless, so don’t overthink that aspect. Some options to consider for any nut salsa combination include:

  • Walnuts
  • Pine nuts
  • Pistachios
  • Peanuts

Your New Favorite Condiment

Finally, one of the top reasons to try a new flavor of nutty salsa is its ability to capture you long-term. Once you give it a try, it’ll quickly become your new favorite condiment. It pairs well with more than just chips, and you will instantly find that it makes a great topping, side dish, or marinade. The possibilities are endless with a quality nut salsa.

To receive your perfect batch of smooth, crunchy, nutty salsa, browse Don Emilio’s peanut salsas and more! We offer a variety of all-natural salsa variations ideal for any dish.