3 Ways To Judge if a Salsa Is Really Authentic

3 Ways To Judge if a Salsa Is Really Authentic

There are many different takes on Mexican salsas, given the high popularity and demand outside Mexico. But many hesitate when it comes to restaurants and homemade versions because they wonder how authentic the side really is. While it will never be as original or fresh as eating it in Mexico, there are three distinct ways to judge the authenticity of salsa, no matter your dining location.

Color Varieties

The color variety is one of the best ways to judge any Mexican dish’s authenticity. Mexican cuisine is rich in color with fresh ingredients and desirable flavors. A good rule of thumb is the brighter the coloring, the more vibrant the flavor.

For a salsa to be authentic, you will see a lot of texture within the coloring accompanied by bright reds, greens, oranges, or yellows. These colors are consistent with the peppers or spices used to make the salsa and contribute to the mouth-watering experience.

Abundant In Fresh Ingredients

The bright colors of salsa are indicative of fresh ingredients and flavors. Authentic Mexican salsa like Morita Pepper Salsa Macha uses only fresh, all-natural ingredients and carries a rich, smoky heat. The smooth, luxurious deep red color symbolizes ancestral preparations as this unique offering comes together using Morita chili peppers, oils, and fresh spices.

It’s important to note that authentic salsa macha does not use tomatoes.

Fresh Daily, No Duplicates

One of the most significant factors to an authentic salsa is there will never be two bites of the same great flavor. The first bite might have a healthy amount of garlic, while your second might deliver more punch or snap. In large-batch salsas, each bite is the same, and there is little to no spice, depth, or texture.

Judging authentic Mexican sides and dishes can be challenging because, for the most part, it’s all delicious. But the distinct differences in store-brand salsa versus authentic salsa are clear. Reach out today to get your hands on Don Emilio’s original salsa macha! We offer the finest ingredients with the richest flavors of ancestral combinations.